The Waiting Main

The waiting game is nearly over.

abby rests - Michael Main

No, I’m still waiting for a job…not going to dwell on that today, because tomorrow the waiting will likely be over for our newest grandchild.    Miss Emily is due to tumble into our reality.   Since she’s refusing to turn around, she’ll likely be delivered via Caesarian.   That’s a little scary, but it does mean we can plan ahead.

I’ll be driving Amy to Houston so she can help with the newborn for a week or so.   I’ll get a chance to meet the grandgirl and then drive back since I’ll only be in the way in a house with a post-surgical new mom and a new baby.   I suspect I’ll be getting to know the route between here and Houston quite well in the days,weeks, months and  years ahead.

The job hunt?  Meh.

The other day I applied for a communications job with a company where I’d love to work.  A nice person in the H.R. office sent me an email requesting I send her a resume in an email in addition to their online application.   Having a human being respond to me was actually exciting.  At least I provoked an acknowledgement.  Yes,  my gauge of success is now quite low.

I’m refusing to get depressed.

I trust God will eventually show me how to stop waiting and take flight.

flight - michael main


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