Futures, Churches and Casino Cash

We are fresh back from our Thanksgiving trip.

It was  a good time with family and we were able to help celebrate my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary.

My in-laws have a wonderful legacy of family.  The future is well represented.


I should add the trip was even more enjoyable because Amy and I managed to snag a few shekels at a casino as we were saying goodbye to Oklahoma.

Casino win - Michael Main

It’s been a long time since we’ve been to Oklahoma.   I noticed a lot of changes.   Foremost, it’s much quicker getting there these days with speed limits above 55 miles an hour.   We made the trip in a little more than 8 hours.   It was longer on the way back, but there was rain and…well, a casino stop.

While in Oklahoma, I managed to get in some hikes and long walks before the weather turned wet.  There wasn’t as much fall foliage, but there were some nice spots.

path oklahoma


geese - Michael Main

One change I noticed on our drive into the state were the churches.   Small towns once  pockmarked with various churches boasting of their affiliations with Baptists, Protestants, Methodists and the like now have houses of worship with nebulous names like Fusion church, Life church, Faith church, Frontline church.  I suppose it’s an attempt to appeal to younger folks.   My brother-in-law, who pastors a church in Ohio, says he’s heard of an inner city  church that’s changing names to “Dat Church.

I’m out of touch with the times.  I find it odd that ignoring the past is a strategy to embrace the future.


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Oh Deer, Michael’s Job Journey

Getting a deer to pose for a still life portrait is tough.
Deer - Salado Creek

Okay, I’ve been playing around with a photo editor and some recent shots I took while walking along the Salado Creek Greenway.   Abby and I have logged about 40 miles so far this week with a goal of 50.

We  don’t walk alone, we’re accompanied by a lot of deer.



Deer Greenway
The deer make the morning walks interesting and amusing.   They’re entertaining to observe, but I’ve also had to harness Abby so she stops trying to chase them.

Salado Creek Greenway Deer - Michael Main

My job search seems a bit restrained as well.   I fear as the holidays approach, hiring managers will put off their decisions.

Enhanced Salado Creek Greenway image - Michael Main

I suppose I’ll keep trying to amuse myself during this process, although I wish I had the option of  putting my expectations through a photo editor too.


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Michael Main Bing bombing

Hi,  I’m Michael Main and I’m an egosurfer.

I suppose I could claim that I was checking the search engine optimization of MichaelMain.com, but – considering this website is only read by me – I don’t find it too embarrassing to divulge a bit of blatant digital narcissism.

I put my name, Michael Main, into search engines to see where I rank.

The results show it’s still a six-page slog on Google before anyone would find this website, but I was agreeably astonished by the new high-ranking on Bing.

MichaelMain.com on Bing - Michael Main

Yes, my friends,  MichaelMain.com is number three!  That’s not bad for a website that didn’t exist a couple of months ago.

I’m sure my previous post pointing out the many other people named Michael Main didn’t manipulate the rankings at all.

I, Michael Main,  would like to thank Bing for its’ algorithmic wisdom.



The Many Named Michael Main

It’s not the most common name, but there certainly are a lot of people named Michael Main spread over careers and countries.

There’s a baseball player  with the same name.  I bought a baseball card signed by that Michael Main on eBay.  His career hasn’t taken off, but then again mine isn’t exactly soaring at the moment.

There’s another Michael Main who lives in my neighborhood. We haven’t met, but I know he exists because back in the days when folks went to physical video rental stores, his Blockbuster account was often confused with mine.

I have distant one-sided relationships with two other guys who share my name – one in Florida and another in California.  Those are email relationships, although I did send one of them an old-fashioned letter.  Their email often gets sent to me due to fumbling fingers on one or both ends of their conversations. The well-named individual  whom I targeted with a dead tree letter still hasn’t figured out his real email address. I get notices about the stuff he buys (don’t ask), websites where he enrolls, as well as all the resultant spam.

As the commercials say, “But wait! There’s more!

Google reveals a Michael Main who is a trainer for the Sri Lanka national cricket team, a Michael Main who is a University of Colorado computer science professor, as well as a couple of writers named Michael Main (one, who refers to himself as a language poet,  shares the same middle initial as me).  There’s an anthropology professor named Michael Main in Australia, a cardiologist named Michael Main in Kansas City,  a Pastor Michael Main in Duluth, Minnesota and a Michael Main who is a safari guide in Africa.

Take my word for it,  there’s  a multitude of folks named Michael Main.  We span the globe.   Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The point of this?

There really isn’t one, although cynical minds might suspect I’m trying to Google bomb the name Michael Main and associate it with this website.  That would be a crass stunt.

Let me state clearly that I, Michael Main, wouldn’t think of doing such a blatant, self-aggrandizing thing as Google bombing the name Michael Main.

Of course, some other Michael Main might.

It’s not like I know them all.

Photos of Michael Main