Probing My Annals

What do you say?  How about I don’t start off this post by grousing about my search for employment and my hopes for the future?  I thought you’d say that…”that” being “nothing” since I still have exclusive eyeball rights to my wistful meanderings here.

Instead, I’m going to dwell a bit in the past.

A week or so back I became curious about my paternal grandfather’s military service and that led to a brief foray into the ancestral black hole that is family tree research.    I dallied for a bit with sites like and    Both of which are excellent, although I’m not in  a position to pay for the ongoing services.  I opted to spend a few days with each and then cancel my “trial” subscriptions.

It was an entertaining tangent.   I discovered some interesting facts.  For example, although my brothers and I are all six feet tall or taller, we were apparently descended from hobbits.

wode clan


That’s my paternal grandmother second from the left on the front row.  As I recall, she didn’t get much taller.

I have a cousin who’s done a lot more research on the family line than I will ever attempt.   I discovered after hitting several roadblocks tracing the Main family name that she hit the same walls, so my search for my heritage on my paternal grandfather’s side grinds to a halt with his parents.   His mother’s side goes a long way back,  however.

I didn’t find anything too nefarious, although in 1934 my great-grandmother on my mother’s side was murdered, along with my great-aunt.

jw woodard gladys boggesss mm

I had heard mention of this as a child, but it was not really spoken about by family members.

Other than that, census records indicate a few slave owners, some civil war veterans and other types of things you expect to discover when wading through family history as it coincides with the nation’s past, but nothing too exciting.

I did confirm that my roots are primarily Irish and German – which, I suppose, explains why I drank.


Posted by Michael Main