I’m obviously not having any luck convincing folks in other industries that I’d be a great addition to their teams, so today I started the process of possibly getting back into radio.

I’ve been wrestling with that prospect for a while.


I’ve always thought of stumbling blocks in life as opportunities – chances to take a different path, try new stuff…start over.   When I got sacked by iHeartMedia I really wanted to find something different, but the job offers aren’t exactly washing over me in a lather.

An old friend – who now happens to be a member of Congress – contacted me last week.   He wanted to check and see what I’ve been doing.   When I gave him an honest assessment…that I walk dogs a lot,  he said he had recently spoken with a boss of mine from many years ago and that boss wanted me to call.  He owns some radio stations and knows everyone in the industry.

My initial reaction was, “but, I don’t want to do radio.”  My reality check reaction was, “Would you rather be speaking into a microphone saying, ‘Do you want fries with that?'”    So,  I called.   He’s a busy guy.   I spoke to his “service.”  We’ll see.

Oddly enough,  as I was looking up information on that former boss last night (it always pays to be prepared) I saw an ad for a job with a NewsTalk station in San Antonio.   This is really the only station I’d want to work at as a reporter/anchor/whatever other than the one which decided I was no longer needed.  It was a bit providential.   We’ll see.   I’ve learned not to get my hopes up.