New Day…New Dog?

We’ve returned from our quick trip to Florida.   It was a wonderful experience.   We spent time with Amy’s folks and I hiked around some lovely areas.   One morning I trekked across the Charlotte Harbor bridge at sunrise.

Charlotte Harbor Sunrise - Michael Main


Now that we’re back,  I’m plugging away at the employment thing.   I got rejected from a job by another algorithm which determined I had not taken a state approved typing test.   This seems silly, but I’ve gotten used to silly.   I suppose I’ll lumber over to the Texas Workforce offices and take a test so that I can have it.  I would think my age alone would prove I can type, but what do I know?

In other news, Amy shocked me last night by expressing interest in another dog.   I’ve wanted a second dog for a while to keep Abby company as she ages, but Amy has been resistant…and that’s putting it mildly.

Last night, however, she rushed to show me a photo of a dog that one of my former Sunday school students has rescued and is looking to re-home.   He’s exactly the type of dog I’d like, a little scraggly mutt.

scruffy dog - Michael Main

I had actually seen his pictures in a Facebook post last week but thought at the time that Amy would never go for it.    What do I know?  It’s not a done deal, but it’s looking good.   We’re going to introduce him to Abby later this week and he’s going to get neutered – not necessarily in that order.

Assuming they get along – and Abby gets along with everyone  except squirrels – I suspect he’ll be joining the family.   He’s being called Carter.   I’m thinking we might keep that name.

I asked if Abby wanted to vote and she seemed to approve of the idea.

Abby votes - Michael Main