Hawks and Hounds

I spent the morning in the wild…sort of.

During my daily walk, I watched a couple of hawks perched upon the overhead wires straddling the Salado Creek Greenway between Lady Bird Johnson and McAllister parks in northeast San Antonio.

They were scoping out the area and probably picking targets for breakfast.  They seemed patient enough.

Hawk San Antonio

Abby and I didn’t make the menu. 

A short while later, I was startled by howls from a pack of coyotes.  They erupted in a harmonious lament  in response to a warning siren being screeched from an emergency vehicle passing along a nearby roadway.  I realize the usefulness of sirens to startle drivers into a sense of alertness, but in urban parklands they also quickly spook away the back country mystique.

However, at the dog park, the more domesticated canines were excitedly attuned to the coyotes’ chorus. Reaching back in a wistful salute to their more primitive roots, the dogs produced a much less concordant echo.

dog howling in the weeds


As Abby and I gallivanted along the greenway and beyond, I did give more thought to my job hunt and decided to follow the example of hawks, coyotes and dogs.

I’ll be patient, but occasionally howl.


Posted by Michael Main