Digital Stoning

Okay, my vow to avoid writing about my job search is falling by the wayside.   Since evading the cat food eating circuit occupies many of my thoughts and much of my time these days, I suppose writing about it is inevitable.  Besides, if I can’t whine to myself (the only one reading this besides spam bots) who can I grouse to?

I’m finding that things have changed since I last actively looked for work, which, I’ll confess, was in another century.  The other day I spent 40 minutes filling out an exhaustive online job application. More time modifying a resume to highlight certain skills, then crafting a required cover letter and a letter of references. After various trips back through the mechanized maze to deal with demands akin to, “You must enter a response to question 72e – ‘Are you now or have you ever been a fry cook in the Turkish army?”‘ I hit send.  Before I could push away from the computer I received an auto response of, “Sorry, you don’t meet our criteria.”

I’m finding that’s one of the joys of job hunting in the digital age.

I try to apply for at least 5 jobs each week (it’s sort of required when you go on the public dole).  Admittedly, I’m aiming high with a few of those applications, but I believe if given the opportunity to actually speak with someone from the companies involved I would be a good candidate.  There’s the rub.  I’ve learned that’s apparently not done anymore, speaking with job applicants that is.   I have yet to receive a phone call – not one.   I have received multiple email rejections, all of them I suspect are form letters.   At least the bulk of them weren’t sent out within seconds of me applying – I’m always looking for a bright side.

However, I must admit I sometimes feel I’m getting remotely judged and bombarded by a ruthless, emotionless microprocessor and I’m fearful of what type of mark that may leave.

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