On bubbles and bursting…

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I had a “reemployment” seminar today at the state workforce agency.  First thing I learned was to actually read the letters the state sends me and then check a calendar.   I showed up about 24 hours early, but they were having the same seminar at the time so they just let me in.

It wasn’t all lollipops and roses, in my post-seminar interview  my “reemployment counselor” smirked that her husband was in radio once a long time ago, but she convinced him to change careers because she didn’t see much of a future for the industry.

Yes, she was a little ray of sunshine.


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Walking it back

I’ve been walking a lot lately.   I’ve probably logged about 50 miles in the past month.  The weather has cooperated – my feet have rebelled.

Abby, my walking companion, took off after a deer the other day, slipping her collar.  She came back hobbling so I’ve had to restrict her a bit while she realizes she’s getting older.  A day or two off each week will hopefully allow her to heal and I’m stopping her from running at the dog park – or at least attempting to stop her.

Abby Main

On a side note, the job search is going slowly, but in the interim we’ll keep walking forward.

Walk - Michael Main

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Old men and dogs

Learning as I go…

I’m dashing out another post here with no chance of profundity.  I’m tinkering and learning and feeling my way around much like a blind man in a bordello.   I’m finding WordPress is very easy, if I let it do the work instead of trying to do it myself with my previous knowledge of ftp, html, etc.

Something about old dogs comes to mind.

Abby - Michael Main




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Carousel Cares

Carousel -- Michael Main
I’m starting over in a way. In December, I was “downsized/dismissed/transitioned out/laid off/broomed/fired” from the job I held for more than 29 years. Since then I’ve had the luxury, and the inclination, to take some time off. While I’m in no rush, I thought it might be prudent to start looking for another job/career before I hit retirement age, so that’s what I’m doing now.

It’s humbling.

Having literally spent half my life at my last job, I don’t have an extensive resume.  Applying for positions can be intimidating, if not humiliating.

I have great faith however and God has a proven track record of pulling my ever-growing butt out of the fire, so I’m saddling up and hoping the Merry Go Round has a few more spins.


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