Rolling along

Well, let’s see…what’s new to report?   I have a meeting tomorrow about doing something with a podcast.  At this point, I’m not sure what exactly, but the guy who called me – a PR pro locally whom I’ve dealt with in the past – did say there was a money involved.   That’s better than…well, anything I have on the plate now so I’m going to roll with it.

My former boss with his cable company project keeps dancing around a start date.  I still think that will happen, but I’m getting another of God’s many lessons about rolling along with patience.

I fear I’m going have to make a living piecemeal which I suppose will be okay…at least until tax time. We’ll roll with whatever comes.

I did apply for a couple of positions today with my former company.   They’d be corporate jobs doing compliance type stuff, but I do know the home team and I am a detail oriented guy.   I’m at least a bit intrigued to see if they’ll respond.  I’d think nearly 30 years with the outfit would grant me a second glance.  It would be weird going back, but rolling with the devil you know has a certain appeal.

Outside of that, I’m pushing forward to have Dewey “altered.”  I was hoping to latch on (probably a poor choice of words) with a “free” or at least “low-cost” spay/neuter outfit.  So far, those organizations aren’t responding.  They have long waitlists, even for the unemployed.  I checked prices with my veterinarian and one down the street.  The down the street folks are far cheaper.  I think I’ll schedule Dewey for snippage next week.

In the meanwhile, we’ll keep rolling along.   This is how Dewey rolls in the car lately:

dewey rolls- Michael Main

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Sunday 4 a.m.

I suppose the fact I’m writing at 4 a.m. on a Sunday is telling enough.   I woke up wrestling my mind.

Actually, I’m sort of ticked off.

A couple of weeks ago, I applied for a radio job.  It’s a position for which I’m extremely qualified.   The ad even reads that they’re looking for “experience.”  As they say on TV real estate shows, I “tick off all the boxes.”

After a week or so with no response to my application, I sent a quick email to the guy in charge asking if he could simply confirm that he’d received my resume and other materials.


I figured I’d give him the benefit of the doubt – maybe the internet has collapsed without me knowing – so I sent a hard copy of my resume/cover letter to the radio station via snail mail mentioning that I was unsure if my email had been received.


I don’t get it.  I’m not asking that I be given the job, or even an interview…but a little courtesy of telling me that my application is in the hopper seems…well, courteous.

Okay, enough of that.  It’s raining in San Antonio and will apparently keep raining most of the week.   That’s going to prove challenging with our newest addition of Dewey.   He doesn’t like to go outside to handle business in the rain unless I’m walking him.   I see a lot of mud in my future.

For now, however, I think more coffee is in order.

productive - michael main




So my hopes for an interview for the “dream job” were quickly dashed.  I’m really beginning to feel old.  I’m trying not to dwell on it, but I would think I should, at least, get a call, a follow-up…something more than a polite, “we’ve decided to pursue other candidates” email.

I’ll admit being bummed. I checked all the boxes for that gig…except I’m not in my 20’s…or 40’s.   If this keeps up much longer I won’t be in my 50’s.

Enough depressing stuff.  Let’s talk Donald Trump.  Okay, that’s depressing too.

Did you read the transcript of the Washington Post’s Editorial Board meeting with Trump?

I’m a Republican.  I’m a Conservative.   I’m also a guy who is facing a crisis.   This man is going to be the GOP nominee?   I’m not sure he’s even literate, much less intelligent. Oh. My. God.

Oh. My. God.

panic - michael main

Oh. My. God.

I think I may have found a way to make a living.   I’m going to develop an app to make everyone talk like Trump.

“Hey, ya know,  we can be…will be…could…hey, did you see my wall?   A building I’m building is going to have walls, great walls.   People and, ya know, the media, they won’t see the real walls…but I’ll see them and they’ll be great.   Did I mention that I’m really loved?   People…well, not the media…but some people really lov…hey!  Squirrel!”


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Insert Title Here

It’s a depressing Tuesday.    Sorry, that’s how I feel.   Since I’m the only one reading this, I guess I can whine a bit.  Attended the funeral for a former co-worker yesterday.   He was a legend in San Antonio and the radio industry.   I was pleased to see a number of folks I used to work with, although only a handful are actually still working.


It was a bit disillusioning to see so few, if anyone, from the corporate offices of iHeartMedia.   The former CEO of the company was there…that was about it.


I suppose part of my lack of enthusiasm today is due to the rain.   I tried to get in a walk with the dogs this morning but determined we were going to be soaking wet if we kept it up.   I might try again later this morning.

I went through my usual Tuesday routine of applying for jobs.   I’m not optimistic.   I’ve also determined my unemployment benefits have run out, so I’m going to start applying for anything and everything.   It’s depressing.

I think I’ll not dwell on it today.   I’ll instead focus on being lazy.    I’ve got a couple of helpers to show me how.


New Day…New Dog?

We’ve returned from our quick trip to Florida.   It was a wonderful experience.   We spent time with Amy’s folks and I hiked around some lovely areas.   One morning I trekked across the Charlotte Harbor bridge at sunrise.

Charlotte Harbor Sunrise - Michael Main


Now that we’re back,  I’m plugging away at the employment thing.   I got rejected from a job by another algorithm which determined I had not taken a state approved typing test.   This seems silly, but I’ve gotten used to silly.   I suppose I’ll lumber over to the Texas Workforce offices and take a test so that I can have it.  I would think my age alone would prove I can type, but what do I know?

In other news, Amy shocked me last night by expressing interest in another dog.   I’ve wanted a second dog for a while to keep Abby company as she ages, but Amy has been resistant…and that’s putting it mildly.

Last night, however, she rushed to show me a photo of a dog that one of my former Sunday school students has rescued and is looking to re-home.   He’s exactly the type of dog I’d like, a little scraggly mutt.

scruffy dog - Michael Main

I had actually seen his pictures in a Facebook post last week but thought at the time that Amy would never go for it.    What do I know?  It’s not a done deal, but it’s looking good.   We’re going to introduce him to Abby later this week and he’s going to get neutered – not necessarily in that order.

Assuming they get along – and Abby gets along with everyone  except squirrels – I suspect he’ll be joining the family.   He’s being called Carter.   I’m thinking we might keep that name.

I asked if Abby wanted to vote and she seemed to approve of the idea.

Abby votes - Michael Main



Head East, Old Man

It seems sort of odd to be talking about a vacation when I haven’t worked for more than a year.   However,  Amy and I are about to fly east.

flying east michael main

We’ll be taking a trip to Florida to visit with Amy’s parents.   It’s always a good time.

In advance of the trip, I’m busy applying for more jobs.   I’ll have limited computer access while there, so I figure I might as well get as much done now.    Our renter is planning to move out next month, so this is likely our last chance to get away and have a built-in housesitter/dogsitter.

The weather in Florida is not expected to be much different than it is here.   I plan to get in some hikes, although I won’t have my trusty canine companion.   We have been logging about 45 miles a week lately, so she can probably use the time off.    Today we hiked from home to Comanche Lookout Park.   Abby enjoyed the views, so did I as we gazed southeast towards downtown San Antonio.

abby looking east michael main


Oh well, back to job hunting and trip planning.

The Divine Miss Em

Miss Emily has arrived.


Emily Judith arrived one week ago today.   All is well with both her and her Mom.  She is my third grandchild and has the distinct advantage of living only a few hours away, so I’ll likely see her in person a bit more often than the other two.  They still get a lot of one on one via Facetime, but the personal hugs are still too few and far between.

gks Michael Main

While in Houston visiting Emily, I was contacted by my former boss about his cable TV project.   We’re going to move forward with that in the next month or two.   I’m still looking for full-time work.   Still applying.   Still being still and listening for God to show me the right direction.  I’m trying to be patient…but still…

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The Waiting Main

The waiting game is nearly over.

abby rests - Michael Main

No, I’m still waiting for a job…not going to dwell on that today, because tomorrow the waiting will likely be over for our newest grandchild.    Miss Emily is due to tumble into our reality.   Since she’s refusing to turn around, she’ll likely be delivered via Caesarian.   That’s a little scary, but it does mean we can plan ahead.

I’ll be driving Amy to Houston so she can help with the newborn for a week or so.   I’ll get a chance to meet the grandgirl and then drive back since I’ll only be in the way in a house with a post-surgical new mom and a new baby.   I suspect I’ll be getting to know the route between here and Houston quite well in the days,weeks, months and  years ahead.

The job hunt?  Meh.

The other day I applied for a communications job with a company where I’d love to work.  A nice person in the H.R. office sent me an email requesting I send her a resume in an email in addition to their online application.   Having a human being respond to me was actually exciting.  At least I provoked an acknowledgement.  Yes,  my gauge of success is now quite low.

I’m refusing to get depressed.

I trust God will eventually show me how to stop waiting and take flight.

flight - michael main


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Prayers and Possibilities

It’s been almost exactly one year since I was unceremoniously ejected from my longtime job.   I suppose I went through all the normal stages of anger, denial…anger and anger.

The fact that the company’s severance package mandated I be paid for every year of my employment has made it a nice comfy year of unemployment, but I am ready to try to something new.    As I’ve groaned about previously, I haven’t had a great deal of success.

Today, however,  I’m feeling a small tinge of optimism.


Shortly before embarking on my usual exercise in futility of applying for jobs online, my phone rang.   It was a former boss whom I last spoke with a day or two after I was broomed from my previous job.   He wants to talk about a potential opportunity.

I don’t know what it would involve.   I don’t know if it’s  a full-time gig.   I don’t know much, but my phone rang and these days I score that as a win.

We’re meeting for coffee on Friday.

Let us pray.

prayer - Michael Main

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Boogers and trees

Abby and I completed our mission Saturday to walk the one section of the North Salado Creek Greenway that we hadn’t yet traveled.   It wasn’t too exciting.   We did see this tree.


I must have watched too many cartoons because all I could think is that it looks like it’s flicking a booger.

Yes, if you’re looking for profundity…well,  I ain’t no Thoreau.


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Eyes on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week.   We’ll be doing a little traveling and leaving our house and Abby in the care of our renter.  She may give me the evil eye for that decision.

Abby Main - Michael Main

Roadtripping along I-35 over Thanksgiving is always an adventure, but I’m trying to stay optimistic.

I’m hoping a proper attitude will  open my eyes to a sense of wonderment.

outside - Michael Main

If nothing else,  I’ll be thankful for a minimal number of eye-popping traffic jams.

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Fancies of flight

The more often we see the things around us – even the beautiful and wonderful things – the more they become invisible to us. That is why we often take for granted the beauty of this world. – Joseph B. Wirthlin


Birds in mid-flight fascinate me.  There’s so much movement I don’t readily notice at first glance.  I suppose it’s that way with a lot of things…and people.


I should probably pay more attention.


“But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you.” – Job 12:7-8


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A blogging we will go…

I wrote a personal blog almost daily for many years and more recently I blogged on tech topics as part of my job. The personal writings still exist in the ether of the web.  The work blog disappeared, along with the work, but many of those “gee whiz” topics were ephemeral anyway.  Maybe one day some internet archaeologist will sift through the digital dust and resurrect them.

With those blogs I had a fairly clear vision and, frankly, more going on in my life. I may be romancing memories, but it seemed like topics for posts were not an issue.  Now that I’ve embarked on this writing experiment, I don’t quite feel as full of it…inspiration that is.

I can’t envision blogging about my job search efforts.   First, that’s probably not a wise thing to do when one is looking for work.  Secondly, it seems exceedingly boring.  I also fear that, lacking success, it could become a somewhat morbid exercise for which I’d prefer fewer spectators.


buzzards - Michael Main

That viewpoint may change in the event I get a shot at an exciting opportunity, but for now I think I’ll try to write about other stuff.   I haven’t figured out that other stuff yet, but no one is reading this so presumably I have some time.

[Update:  Yes, I’ve already broken this pseudo rule and probably will frequently.]

I have decided that I’ll only use my own photos on this blog (occasional shots of the grandkids taken by  our children will be the exception).  I think that will make it more personal and perhaps guide me a bit in my thinking.  Hopefully it will also keep the buzzards at bay.


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