Just another bitch about job hunting

I’m getting close to going all Unibomber when it comes to technology.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m a geek.  I’ve been a tech guy since the days of 300 baud modems, but I’ve about had it with the “labor-saving” ways of online job applications.

One website I use to look for work is  Work in Texas (clever huh?).  It’s the site the state requires  job seekers  to use if they’re collecting unemployment benefits, which I’m now opting to do.   It matches you to various jobs and allows you to search for all sorts of positions including those with state agencies.

I’ve been seriously trying to land a position with the state where I might work with child placement, child support,  foster parents and the like.   After 35+ years reporting on the seedier segments of society I thought I might try to find a job where I could possibly help people.

However, the algorithms that match me to jobs also disqualify me from applying for positions where I don’t have experience…even if no experience is required!    The digital diva decides  I don’t meet the requirements listed in the posting.  The problem is some of those requirements are things like, “at least 3 years of college” or “some high school.”   Well,  I have 5 years of college and a high school diploma, but the algorithms don’t  see an exact match to “3” or “some,” so it says, “You are  not qualified” and the website won’t let me apply.  It also rejects me from applying for jobs below my stated salary preference.   I’ve tried changing preferences, adding in numerous keywords and even falsifying a few skill sets, but so far I’ve yet to bust through the electronic guardian’s defenses.

The result is this artificially intelligent gatekeeping on the website designed to help job seekers is blocking me from seeking jobs.

I feel like I’m screaming at the sky.

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Futures, Churches and Casino Cash

We are fresh back from our Thanksgiving trip.

It was  a good time with family and we were able to help celebrate my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary.

My in-laws have a wonderful legacy of family.  The future is well represented.


I should add the trip was even more enjoyable because Amy and I managed to snag a few shekels at a casino as we were saying goodbye to Oklahoma.

Casino win - Michael Main

It’s been a long time since we’ve been to Oklahoma.   I noticed a lot of changes.   Foremost, it’s much quicker getting there these days with speed limits above 55 miles an hour.   We made the trip in a little more than 8 hours.   It was longer on the way back, but there was rain and…well, a casino stop.

While in Oklahoma, I managed to get in some hikes and long walks before the weather turned wet.  There wasn’t as much fall foliage, but there were some nice spots.

path oklahoma


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One change I noticed on our drive into the state were the churches.   Small towns once  pockmarked with various churches boasting of their affiliations with Baptists, Protestants, Methodists and the like now have houses of worship with nebulous names like Fusion church, Life church, Faith church, Frontline church.  I suppose it’s an attempt to appeal to younger folks.   My brother-in-law, who pastors a church in Ohio, says he’s heard of an inner city  church that’s changing names to “Dat Church.

I’m out of touch with the times.  I find it odd that ignoring the past is a strategy to embrace the future.


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Redeeming Storms

Deadspin has published more details about Greg Hardy and photos of the woman he’s been accused of savagely beating.    They are disturbing.

Hardy is a member of the Dallas Cowboys, a team I have been a supporter of for more years than I’d care to admit.  After his arrest for what’s described as a maniacal assault on his girlfriend, Hardy served a lengthy suspension from the NFL.

He was also criminally convicted, but that case was overturned on appeal.  The charges have not been pursued again.    Hardy was paid millions of dollars while suspended. There’s a school of thought some of those NFL shekels helped convince his victim to be less than cooperative with authorities.

I follow the Cowboys, but I’m not a stat-obsessed NFL devotee.  I had never heard of Hardy until the Cowboys were considering signing him.

At that time, I didn’t know the specific details of his case, but I knew he was legally in the clear.

I thought about redemption.

I’ve been through stormy times in my life.   Certainly nothing on the scale of Hardy, but I’ve tested the patience and faith of more than a few folks. I’ve been grateful for forgiveness and grace.

Marblehead lighthouse - Michael Main

Personal reclamation is usually a messy process which often must germinate in our murkiest moments.   I can show you scars.

Although there was a lot of carping about Dallas signing Hardy, I thought he should be given the chance to show he isn’t a woman-beating  madman.

I believe in redemption.

I didn’t want to rush to judgment.

I was wrong.

There’s another requirement for redemption:  you have to want it.

There’s no indication that is the case when it comes to Hardy.  He’s continued to be a steroid-suspected nutter both on and off the field.

The only thing positive Hardy has done since signing with Dallas is sack quarterbacks prompting Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones to anoint him a “team leader.” Jones seems eager to sign him to a long-term contract extension.

I believe in redemption.

That’s not redemption.

That’s enabling.




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