On Hold, Might As Well Type Something

I’m “on hold”  in a web chat with the Tech Support folks who host this domain, so I’ll type some stuff off the top of my head.

I just finished applying for another job.  I wish I could rush down to this company’s headquarters and barge in with my resume, but once again it’s an online application only.   This would be my dream job, handling social media, blogging and other community affairs for the firm which is a rock steady rock star in San Antonio and South Texas.   I’ll pray hard for at least an interview.

This guy needs a job.

Michael Main

Hmmm… the “wait time” for my web chat has not changed since I initiated it…30 minutes.   Must be lunchtime…everywhere.

It was an interesting week with Dewey.    We had a lot of rain and he’s not really versed in being tossed out back in the rain to “do his business.”   He’d often refuse to go outside or perform his duties.    This meant grabbing a leash between rain showers and escorting him out front to make certain there were no in-house accidents.

The rain also meant a lot of pent-up energy…which he took out on Abby.

Dog frenzy -rainy day - Michael Main


The Dewey blur.  Rainy days and the kids had to play inside.   Despite the rains, we still managed to log more than 60 miles last week.

In the end, we survived, which I’m not sure is the case in tech support land since time has stopped, still a 30-minute wait and I’ve gotten no response.

I won’t make you wait with me.  You’re free to go…preferably outside.


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Probing My Annals

What do you say?  How about I don’t start off this post by grousing about my search for employment and my hopes for the future?  I thought you’d say that…”that” being “nothing” since I still have exclusive eyeball rights to my wistful meanderings here.

Instead, I’m going to dwell a bit in the past.

A week or so back I became curious about my paternal grandfather’s military service and that led to a brief foray into the ancestral black hole that is family tree research.    I dallied for a bit with sites like Ancestry.com and Archives.com.    Both of which are excellent, although I’m not in  a position to pay for the ongoing services.  I opted to spend a few days with each and then cancel my “trial” subscriptions.

It was an entertaining tangent.   I discovered some interesting facts.  For example, although my brothers and I are all six feet tall or taller, we were apparently descended from hobbits.

wode clan


That’s my paternal grandmother second from the left on the front row.  As I recall, she didn’t get much taller.

I have a cousin who’s done a lot more research on the family line than I will ever attempt.   I discovered after hitting several roadblocks tracing the Main family name that she hit the same walls, so my search for my heritage on my paternal grandfather’s side grinds to a halt with his parents.   His mother’s side goes a long way back,  however.

I didn’t find anything too nefarious, although in 1934 my great-grandmother on my mother’s side was murdered, along with my great-aunt.

jw woodard gladys boggesss mm

I had heard mention of this as a child, but it was not really spoken about by family members.

Other than that, census records indicate a few slave owners, some civil war veterans and other types of things you expect to discover when wading through family history as it coincides with the nation’s past, but nothing too exciting.

I did confirm that my roots are primarily Irish and German – which, I suppose, explains why I drank.


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The Old & New

Out with the old…

The old and new - Michael Main

2016 is starting much like 2015. I’m still jobless, albeit a bit more panicked, but I’m still hopeful. The job prospect I mentioned previously with a former boss has turned into more of a “project” than a full-time gig. I am still going to pursue it – I certainly have the time – it could develop into something more as his company grows and it will be a new challenge. A few shekels coming in wouldn’t hurt either.

I’m still applying for various positions and still trying to steer clear of media jobs to some extent.

I’ve vowed to be a bit more aggressive in 2016 and I’m confident that I’ll find the right position where my talents can be utilized in a worthwhile manner.

In the interim, Abby and I are still walking, exploring trails and dog parks.

I may be looking for work,  but Abby is on the lookout for other adventures.

abby bw-color

One adventure that is near is our latest grandchild.   Miss Emily is going to domino into our reality any day now.Ms Em

So, while there are still some question marks surrounding 2016,  I have faith and certainty that we’ll be blessed many times over.

If It’s Tuesday…

This must be…well, Tuesday.

We’ve been doing some shopping lately.   Christmas gifts, a big-ticket item for my future granddaughter, and some sorely needed furniture.    Isn’t this what all unemployed people do?

I’ve actually been saving money for the past months, so these purchases don’t sting too much.   I’ve still got a few others on the list which may fall victim to economic fears as the new year approaches with no job prospects in sight.

I have, however, cracked the code of the state’s job database which I whined about previously not allowing me to apply for various positions.   I’ve learned to run my work experience against the listed job requirements and then modify my experience, interest, skills in the database to match.

Okay, maybe it’s lying, but it, at least, allows me then to send a resume and let a human (hopefully) judge my potential instead of being ruled out by a mechanized mind.

In other news, the walking continues.    I’ve shed about 50 pounds in the past several months.   Abby is still on the prowl for deer.   The other morning, I noticed a deer with very unusual markings.

I was reminded of a favorite Far Side cartoon.



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Futures, Churches and Casino Cash

We are fresh back from our Thanksgiving trip.

It was  a good time with family and we were able to help celebrate my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary.

My in-laws have a wonderful legacy of family.  The future is well represented.


I should add the trip was even more enjoyable because Amy and I managed to snag a few shekels at a casino as we were saying goodbye to Oklahoma.

Casino win - Michael Main

It’s been a long time since we’ve been to Oklahoma.   I noticed a lot of changes.   Foremost, it’s much quicker getting there these days with speed limits above 55 miles an hour.   We made the trip in a little more than 8 hours.   It was longer on the way back, but there was rain and…well, a casino stop.

While in Oklahoma, I managed to get in some hikes and long walks before the weather turned wet.  There wasn’t as much fall foliage, but there were some nice spots.

path oklahoma


geese - Michael Main

One change I noticed on our drive into the state were the churches.   Small towns once  pockmarked with various churches boasting of their affiliations with Baptists, Protestants, Methodists and the like now have houses of worship with nebulous names like Fusion church, Life church, Faith church, Frontline church.  I suppose it’s an attempt to appeal to younger folks.   My brother-in-law, who pastors a church in Ohio, says he’s heard of an inner city  church that’s changing names to “Dat Church.

I’m out of touch with the times.  I find it odd that ignoring the past is a strategy to embrace the future.


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Sure foot sore foot

I hit my goal this week.

50 mile goal

Abby and I walked 50 miles.    We had to squeeze in about 9 miles this morning to make it, so we ventured down a portion of an as yet unopened part of the Salado Creek Greenway which took us to Walker Ranch Park.

The park features a unique footbridge.  It will test your faith in engineering. It feels like you’re walking in a bounce house when you cross.

walker ranch footbridge

Abby was less than thrilled with it.

Distrusting dog

By the time we made it back to the car, both of us were hobbling a bit.

Sometimes you have to feel a little pain to achieve your goals.    At least that’s what I’m telling Abby.


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Michael Main Bing bombing

Hi,  I’m Michael Main and I’m an egosurfer.

I suppose I could claim that I was checking the search engine optimization of MichaelMain.com, but – considering this website is only read by me – I don’t find it too embarrassing to divulge a bit of blatant digital narcissism.

I put my name, Michael Main, into search engines to see where I rank.

The results show it’s still a six-page slog on Google before anyone would find this website, but I was agreeably astonished by the new high-ranking on Bing.

MichaelMain.com on Bing - Michael Main

Yes, my friends,  MichaelMain.com is number three!  That’s not bad for a website that didn’t exist a couple of months ago.

I’m sure my previous post pointing out the many other people named Michael Main didn’t manipulate the rankings at all.

I, Michael Main,  would like to thank Bing for its’ algorithmic wisdom.



The Many Named Michael Main

It’s not the most common name, but there certainly are a lot of people named Michael Main spread over careers and countries.

There’s a baseball player  with the same name.  I bought a baseball card signed by that Michael Main on eBay.  His career hasn’t taken off, but then again mine isn’t exactly soaring at the moment.

There’s another Michael Main who lives in my neighborhood. We haven’t met, but I know he exists because back in the days when folks went to physical video rental stores, his Blockbuster account was often confused with mine.

I have distant one-sided relationships with two other guys who share my name – one in Florida and another in California.  Those are email relationships, although I did send one of them an old-fashioned letter.  Their email often gets sent to me due to fumbling fingers on one or both ends of their conversations. The well-named individual  whom I targeted with a dead tree letter still hasn’t figured out his real email address. I get notices about the stuff he buys (don’t ask), websites where he enrolls, as well as all the resultant spam.

As the commercials say, “But wait! There’s more!

Google reveals a Michael Main who is a trainer for the Sri Lanka national cricket team, a Michael Main who is a University of Colorado computer science professor, as well as a couple of writers named Michael Main (one, who refers to himself as a language poet,  shares the same middle initial as me).  There’s an anthropology professor named Michael Main in Australia, a cardiologist named Michael Main in Kansas City,  a Pastor Michael Main in Duluth, Minnesota and a Michael Main who is a safari guide in Africa.

Take my word for it,  there’s  a multitude of folks named Michael Main.  We span the globe.   Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The point of this?

There really isn’t one, although cynical minds might suspect I’m trying to Google bomb the name Michael Main and associate it with this website.  That would be a crass stunt.

Let me state clearly that I, Michael Main, wouldn’t think of doing such a blatant, self-aggrandizing thing as Google bombing the name Michael Main.

Of course, some other Michael Main might.

It’s not like I know them all.

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