So my hopes for an interview for the “dream job” were quickly dashed.  I’m really beginning to feel old.  I’m trying not to dwell on it, but I would think I should, at least, get a call, a follow-up…something more than a polite, “we’ve decided to pursue other candidates” email.

I’ll admit being bummed. I checked all the boxes for that gig…except I’m not in my 20’s…or 40’s.   If this keeps up much longer I won’t be in my 50’s.

Enough depressing stuff.  Let’s talk Donald Trump.  Okay, that’s depressing too.

Did you read the transcript of the Washington Post’s Editorial Board meeting with Trump?

I’m a Republican.  I’m a Conservative.   I’m also a guy who is facing a crisis.   This man is going to be the GOP nominee?   I’m not sure he’s even literate, much less intelligent. Oh. My. God.

Oh. My. God.

panic - michael main

Oh. My. God.

I think I may have found a way to make a living.   I’m going to develop an app to make everyone talk like Trump.

“Hey, ya know,  we can be…will be…could…hey, did you see my wall?   A building I’m building is going to have walls, great walls.   People and, ya know, the media, they won’t see the real walls…but I’ll see them and they’ll be great.   Did I mention that I’m really loved?   People…well, not the media…but some people really lov…hey!  Squirrel!”


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  1. I understand about the feeling old part when applying for a job. Like you, I’ve been qualified for a position but have found it difficult to compete with 20 (or even 40) something’s. After holding the same job for many years, the company was sold. What I discovered while on this hunt, is that I’m old. Not sure how it happened.🐒 But it was a rude awakening. Miss those days when I was a good employee, not an age. Oh well, onward and upward.

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