About Michael Main


Michael D. Main

My name, as you might surmise, is Michael Main. I live in San Antonio, Texas with my wife, Amy.  I am the proud stepfather of three adult children.  I have two adorable grandkids with another on the way.

I worked in radio for roughly 40 years, I started young.  In December 2014, I unexpectedly found myself unemployed after 29 plus years with my recent employer in San Antonio due to ritualistic corporate Christmas holiday budget cuts.  It was a good run and I have few complaints.

After that, I took some time off to digest things. Mercifully I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family, some wise investments, a strong faith, and time. I’ve now begun the process of trying to find a new job and more likely a new career which I will be occasionally documenting on this little blog.   I’m also admittedly using MichaelMain.com to familiarize myself with WordPress.

I doubt MichaelMain.com will attract eyeballs,  but to any folks who happen this way, I sincerely apologize for my fumblings.


michael main and his dog Abby