Rolling along

Well, let’s see…what’s new to report?   I have a meeting tomorrow about doing something with a podcast.  At this point, I’m not sure what exactly, but the guy who called me – a PR pro locally whom I’ve dealt with in the past – did say there was a money involved.   That’s better than…well, anything I have on the plate now so I’m going to roll with it.

My former boss with his cable company project keeps dancing around a start date.  I still think that will happen, but I’m getting another of God’s many lessons about rolling along with patience.

I fear I’m going have to make a living piecemeal which I suppose will be okay…at least until tax time. We’ll roll with whatever comes.

I did apply for a couple of positions today with my former company.   They’d be corporate jobs doing compliance type stuff, but I do know the home team and I am a detail oriented guy.   I’m at least a bit intrigued to see if they’ll respond.  I’d think nearly 30 years with the outfit would grant me a second glance.  It would be weird going back, but rolling with the devil you know has a certain appeal.

Outside of that, I’m pushing forward to have Dewey “altered.”  I was hoping to latch on (probably a poor choice of words) with a “free” or at least “low-cost” spay/neuter outfit.  So far, those organizations aren’t responding.  They have long waitlists, even for the unemployed.  I checked prices with my veterinarian and one down the street.  The down the street folks are far cheaper.  I think I’ll schedule Dewey for snippage next week.

In the meanwhile, we’ll keep rolling along.   This is how Dewey rolls in the car lately:

dewey rolls- Michael Main

Posted by Michael Main

Sunday 4 a.m.

I suppose the fact I’m writing at 4 a.m. on a Sunday is telling enough.   I woke up wrestling my mind.

Actually, I’m sort of ticked off.

A couple of weeks ago, I applied for a radio job.  It’s a position for which I’m extremely qualified.   The ad even reads that they’re looking for “experience.”  As they say on TV real estate shows, I “tick off all the boxes.”

After a week or so with no response to my application, I sent a quick email to the guy in charge asking if he could simply confirm that he’d received my resume and other materials.


I figured I’d give him the benefit of the doubt – maybe the internet has collapsed without me knowing – so I sent a hard copy of my resume/cover letter to the radio station via snail mail mentioning that I was unsure if my email had been received.


I don’t get it.  I’m not asking that I be given the job, or even an interview…but a little courtesy of telling me that my application is in the hopper seems…well, courteous.

Okay, enough of that.  It’s raining in San Antonio and will apparently keep raining most of the week.   That’s going to prove challenging with our newest addition of Dewey.   He doesn’t like to go outside to handle business in the rain unless I’m walking him.   I see a lot of mud in my future.

For now, however, I think more coffee is in order.

productive - michael main




I’m obviously not having any luck convincing folks in other industries that I’d be a great addition to their teams, so today I started the process of possibly getting back into radio.

I’ve been wrestling with that prospect for a while.


I’ve always thought of stumbling blocks in life as opportunities – chances to take a different path, try new stuff…start over.   When I got sacked by iHeartMedia I really wanted to find something different, but the job offers aren’t exactly washing over me in a lather.

An old friend – who now happens to be a member of Congress – contacted me last week.   He wanted to check and see what I’ve been doing.   When I gave him an honest assessment…that I walk dogs a lot,  he said he had recently spoken with a boss of mine from many years ago and that boss wanted me to call.  He owns some radio stations and knows everyone in the industry.

My initial reaction was, “but, I don’t want to do radio.”  My reality check reaction was, “Would you rather be speaking into a microphone saying, ‘Do you want fries with that?'”    So,  I called.   He’s a busy guy.   I spoke to his “service.”  We’ll see.

Oddly enough,  as I was looking up information on that former boss last night (it always pays to be prepared) I saw an ad for a job with a NewsTalk station in San Antonio.   This is really the only station I’d want to work at as a reporter/anchor/whatever other than the one which decided I was no longer needed.  It was a bit providential.   We’ll see.   I’ve learned not to get my hopes up.