New Day…New Dog?

We’ve returned from our quick trip to Florida.   It was a wonderful experience.   We spent time with Amy’s folks and I hiked around some lovely areas.   One morning I trekked across the Charlotte Harbor bridge at sunrise.

Charlotte Harbor Sunrise - Michael Main


Now that we’re back,  I’m plugging away at the employment thing.   I got rejected from a job by another algorithm which determined I had not taken a state approved typing test.   This seems silly, but I’ve gotten used to silly.   I suppose I’ll lumber over to the Texas Workforce offices and take a test so that I can have it.  I would think my age alone would prove I can type, but what do I know?

In other news, Amy shocked me last night by expressing interest in another dog.   I’ve wanted a second dog for a while to keep Abby company as she ages, but Amy has been resistant…and that’s putting it mildly.

Last night, however, she rushed to show me a photo of a dog that one of my former Sunday school students has rescued and is looking to re-home.   He’s exactly the type of dog I’d like, a little scraggly mutt.

scruffy dog - Michael Main

I had actually seen his pictures in a Facebook post last week but thought at the time that Amy would never go for it.    What do I know?  It’s not a done deal, but it’s looking good.   We’re going to introduce him to Abby later this week and he’s going to get neutered – not necessarily in that order.

Assuming they get along – and Abby gets along with everyone  except squirrels – I suspect he’ll be joining the family.   He’s being called Carter.   I’m thinking we might keep that name.

I asked if Abby wanted to vote and she seemed to approve of the idea.

Abby votes - Michael Main



Head East, Old Man

It seems sort of odd to be talking about a vacation when I haven’t worked for more than a year.   However,  Amy and I are about to fly east.

flying east michael main

We’ll be taking a trip to Florida to visit with Amy’s parents.   It’s always a good time.

In advance of the trip, I’m busy applying for more jobs.   I’ll have limited computer access while there, so I figure I might as well get as much done now.    Our renter is planning to move out next month, so this is likely our last chance to get away and have a built-in housesitter/dogsitter.

The weather in Florida is not expected to be much different than it is here.   I plan to get in some hikes, although I won’t have my trusty canine companion.   We have been logging about 45 miles a week lately, so she can probably use the time off.    Today we hiked from home to Comanche Lookout Park.   Abby enjoyed the views, so did I as we gazed southeast towards downtown San Antonio.

abby looking east michael main


Oh well, back to job hunting and trip planning.

Probing My Annals

What do you say?  How about I don’t start off this post by grousing about my search for employment and my hopes for the future?  I thought you’d say that…”that” being “nothing” since I still have exclusive eyeball rights to my wistful meanderings here.

Instead, I’m going to dwell a bit in the past.

A week or so back I became curious about my paternal grandfather’s military service and that led to a brief foray into the ancestral black hole that is family tree research.    I dallied for a bit with sites like and    Both of which are excellent, although I’m not in  a position to pay for the ongoing services.  I opted to spend a few days with each and then cancel my “trial” subscriptions.

It was an entertaining tangent.   I discovered some interesting facts.  For example, although my brothers and I are all six feet tall or taller, we were apparently descended from hobbits.

wode clan


That’s my paternal grandmother second from the left on the front row.  As I recall, she didn’t get much taller.

I have a cousin who’s done a lot more research on the family line than I will ever attempt.   I discovered after hitting several roadblocks tracing the Main family name that she hit the same walls, so my search for my heritage on my paternal grandfather’s side grinds to a halt with his parents.   His mother’s side goes a long way back,  however.

I didn’t find anything too nefarious, although in 1934 my great-grandmother on my mother’s side was murdered, along with my great-aunt.

jw woodard gladys boggesss mm

I had heard mention of this as a child, but it was not really spoken about by family members.

Other than that, census records indicate a few slave owners, some civil war veterans and other types of things you expect to discover when wading through family history as it coincides with the nation’s past, but nothing too exciting.

I did confirm that my roots are primarily Irish and German – which, I suppose, explains why I drank.


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Eyeballing the Future

Well, here we are in February and I’m still doing this weekly whining about job hunting.   I had another person tell me this week to ignore online applications and instead reach out to/confront/stalk the people who are actually looking for someone to work in their departments.   That’s easier said than done, but I must admit I’m running out of options.    I need to get my name in front of actual eyeballs instead of algorithms.

eyeball michael main


I do have a meeting this week with my former boss about his cable/broadband company project.  It looks like I’ll be proceeding with that, most likely in March.   However, the more I examine his needs the less I feel the task could morph into something larger or longterm.   It will help occupy my time and pay me some money, presumably.   That detail hasn’t been formalized.

In the interim, Abby and I have been walking and enjoying the warmer weather over the past week or two.   Things are starting to green up and members of the wildlife community are poking their heads out a bit more.

duck michael main
We covered 44 miles walking last week and about 20 so far this week.   The exercise, and my renewed focus on diet, has had the upside of substantial weight loss – I’m knocking on the door of 70 pounds.   I think I’ll set a goal of losing 100, which would put me near my college weight.

The new grandgirl is doing well.   There were some very scary concerns about funky blood test result that came back in the standard newborn screenings, but the kids seem to believe that it was an anomaly.

I’d like a more definitive answer, but I’ve come down from my initial completely manic panic mode.

panic - michael main