A blogging we will go…

I wrote a personal blog almost daily for many years and more recently I blogged on tech topics as part of my job. The personal writings still exist in the ether of the web.  The work blog disappeared, along with the work, but many of those “gee whiz” topics were ephemeral anyway.  Maybe one day some internet archaeologist will sift through the digital dust and resurrect them.

With those blogs I had a fairly clear vision and, frankly, more going on in my life. I may be romancing memories, but it seemed like topics for posts were not an issue.  Now that I’ve embarked on this writing experiment, I don’t quite feel as full of it…inspiration that is.

I can’t envision blogging about my job search efforts.   First, that’s probably not a wise thing to do when one is looking for work.  Secondly, it seems exceedingly boring.  I also fear that, lacking success, it could become a somewhat morbid exercise for which I’d prefer fewer spectators.


buzzards - Michael Main

That viewpoint may change in the event I get a shot at an exciting opportunity, but for now I think I’ll try to write about other stuff.   I haven’t figured out that other stuff yet, but no one is reading this so presumably I have some time.

[Update:  Yes, I’ve already broken this pseudo rule and probably will frequently.]

I have decided that I’ll only use my own photos on this blog (occasional shots of the grandkids taken by  our children will be the exception).  I think that will make it more personal and perhaps guide me a bit in my thinking.  Hopefully it will also keep the buzzards at bay.


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